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parce que la mort brille toute la nuit

Jin Shirato
2 January 1983
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The rat is in the trap, it is in the trap,
And attacking heaven and earth with a mouthful
of screeches like torn tin,

An effective gag.
when it stops screeching, it pants.

And cannot think.
'This has no face, it must be God' or

'No answer is also an answer.'
Iron jaws, strong as the whole earth.

Are stealing its backbone
For a crumpling of the Universe with screechings,

For supplanting every human brain inside its skull with a
rat-body that knots and unknots....

'Stay' says the arrangement of stars
Forcing the rat's head down into godhead

The heaven shudders, a flame unrolled like a whip,
And the stars jolt in their sockets.
and the sleep-soul of eggs
Wince under the shot of shadow-

That was the Shadow of the Rat
Crossing into power
Never to be buried

The horned Shadow of the rat
Casting here by the door
A bloody gift for the dogs

While it supplants Hell.