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Jin Shirato
24 July 2010 @ 11:29 pm
Bet you wished I died. Well, me too. I guess the only thing to do now is to write My Chemical Romance-inspired poetry and take lots of pictures of myself looking away from the snapshot, as if I didn't really want to be in the picture but had no choice because the hand attached to the camera happens to be my own.
Jin Shirato
31 March 2009 @ 12:45 am

Old almost-meme is most certainly old. Nevertheless, it remains applicable.

I suppose my negligence as to the upkeep of this journal may have something to do with the fact that the time that has elapsed between my last post and the sudden (re-?)population of the town is an utter blur. While events in detail seem rather hazed over, I am not sure that I want to remember them.

I'm left with this residual feeling of... it's something I can't quite describe. Something odd.

Don't even ask me how it happened.

I should be asking myself that very question.

If the date is correct and it is indeed 2009 once more. It raises some rather interesting implications, if naught else.
Jin Shirato
05 August 2008 @ 05:30 am
Until now, my... amalgamation of emotional drivel has been left dormant. I read the pages with disdain, find myself looking to the man who wrote them as if he, himself, were a foreign entity. But then I have to keep in mind that it wasn't that long ago that I was that man, struggling hopelessly in a race to the apocalypse.

Maybe that's too epic. It was a sorry end to a sorry life; lacking of any qualities that warranted the term living. I find that looking back on words spoken by Takaya are far more poignant. More true to form and charismatic than I ever gave him credit. He'd have done himself well to see to it that my end came swiftly; instead, in my own delirium, I reduced myself to my component atoms.

Well, it was either that or be eaten alive. While I may have eventually reconstituted as I apparently have here, a trip through the gastrointestinal tract of some fucking Shadow was not one I was eager (or willing) to take.

Chidori is here as well; I woke next to her, oddly enough. The poor judgment she exhibited in the months prior to her death has been forgiven; she has not mentioned that dullard's name since our arrival. Honestly, I can't imagine what being without her presence would do. And yet I've never felt so stagnant.

Perhaps my restlessness has something to do with Takaya's absence. He's dead by now, I'm sure... we preceded him, of course, though our deaths came by rather ignominious means. I wonder, then, if this place is the Niflheimr to the Valhalla that Takaya must doubtlessly dwell in. It's foggy enough, anyway and I've seen more than one possible representative of Helhime to make the analogy a fitting one.

The few residents that we've met so far have offered little in the way of actual help. With the exception of but one, they have all been overtly hostile to Chidori and myself. The first was instrumental in our acquisition of Alchemilla Hospital; to whit, he found us, offered us asylum and, before, allowing us to cross the threshold asked, well, I suppose the typed equivalent would be "D'eether of y'all often follow strange people into even stranger places?" We had little choice but to defend ourselves, though in gaining Alchemilla, we did not displace him; he still has a place on staff.

And the other two? One opted to attack us unprovoked, and was neutralized as a result. Otis - that is, the former director - identified him as Walter Sullivan when we took him down to the morgue. He was pronounced dead, and that was good enough for us... until we were informed of his resurrection some days later. This raises many questions to which there are no forthcoming answers. For now, however, he is recovering in one of the more...secure...rooms.

The other one came to us carried in the arms of none other than the aforementioned undead. His depressed central nervous system suggested an overdose... as if the hole in his neck didn't confirm it. He, too, has been recovering and will likely see release in the near future.

That said, I believe it's time to call a halt. I have given myself enough to ruminate over, and with this impending bout of insomnia, I can only dwell on it more.

[OOC: Totally unaware that Takaya's been around.]